Machine Setter Industrial Deafness

What is a machine setter and how can this employment cause industrial deafness?

A setter is a job title given to employees who are skilled at setting various different machines – such as grinding machines and capstan machine.

Each metal component being manufactured will have a different shape and dimension. For example – the metal parts being used in a car’s production.

Machines can produce many different parts but must be set for each part.

When a machine is being set it is normally nt running, but other machines near by will typically be running producing noise and over the years this volume of noise a setter is exposed to can cause hearing loss (industrial deafness) and a permanent ringing in the ears (tinnitus).

If you have worked in a factory as a setter or in another position exposed to continuous loud noise and you suspect you are suffering from hearing loss you should contact a specialist industrial deafness solicitor to discuss the possibility of making a claim.