Machine Operator Lung Disease: Stainless Steel Brass Mist From CNC Lathe

Industrial disease solicitor sets out how to claim compensation for lung disease caused by breathing in metal dusts in a metal works whilst using a CNC lathe

Machine operator industrial lung disease question

I work in a metal works in Birmingham as a machine operator and I work using a CNC lathe.

The CNC lathe cuts many different types of metal including stainless steel, brass and gun metal. Stainless steel and brass produced a mist of dust when the metals are worked by the lathe.

I’ve worked in this condition for approximately 15 years and in all that time I have never been provided with any form of breathing protection nor has the CNC lathe machine had any form of an extractor hood to prevent the dust mists from forming.

I have suffered various breathing problems and attended with my GP who referred me to a specialist who scanned my lungs. I have been diagnosed with fibrosis due to exposure to metal dust which is likely to have been from my work place.

Can I claim compensation?

Industrial disease solicitor response

The types of mist you have described from the brass and stainless steel are quite well known in causing fibrosis or scarring of the lungs.

Typically exposure would have to be over a long time period and 15 years is a sufficient time period for the dust to have had a scarring effect.

As the CNC lathe did not have an extractor hood and you were nor provided with breathing protection would suggest that your employer was negligent (or legally at fault) in exposing you to metal dust which could cause injury.

To make a claim an industrial disease solicitor would need to be contacted who would instruct an independent medical expert to compile a report setting out the injuries to your lungs caused by exposure to metal dusts. The expert will not be your treating doctor so as to retain independence and will be instructed with a duty of impartiality and accuracy to the court.

Steps to claiming industrial lung disease

To see the article I have written setting out all the steps to claiming for industrial lung disease click industrial disease claim or click occupational lung disease to commence a claim or to arrange a free call back from me in person.