Industrial Illness Claim UK: Work Related Disease Compensation

What is an industrial illness claim and how do you claim UK compensation?

An industrial illness claim is the term used to describe occupational diseases or conditions contracted by exposure to harmful substances or work condition over an extended period of time.

Occupational illness includes:

1. Lung related conditions caused from exposure to harmful dusts such as asbestos dust which causes asbestosis and mesothelioma.

2. Vibration conditions such as vibration white finger and hand arm vibration – typically caused from workers using vibrating power tools.

3. Industrial deafness caused from extended exposure to loud noise or single highly explosive events – such conditions are developed by factory and foundry workers.

4. Repetitive strain injury – caused from repeated small movements without proper breaks.

To claim compensation you should use a specialist industrial illness solicitor who will be familiar with the type of condition you are suffering from and will be able to help you overcome any time limitation problems and obtain the most amount of compensation on your behalf.