Industrial Deafness VWF Claims Scotland

Industrial Deafness VWF Claims: Wellesley Colliery Fifeshire Scotland

UK solicitor explains how to claim industrial deafness and vibration white finger compensation if you were a miner working in a colliery in Scotland including Wellesley Colliery, Denbeath, Fifeshire

Industrial deafness & vibration white finger victim question

I worked at Wellesley Colliery over 20 years ago. I was constantly exposed to loud noise and vibrating machines. At the time I was working I noticed problems with my hands, but I did not seek any treatment nor did I realize how the symptoms had been caused.

Over the last two years I have noticed problems with my hearing including a difficulty hearing what people are saying in groups and a ringing in my ears most noticeable at night. I went to see my GP for the first time a month ago to discuss the problems with my hearing and hands.

I was given a hearing test and my noise exposure work history in Wellesley Mining Colliery discussed – the hearing test results led to a diagnosis of noise induced hearing loss and moderate tinnitus, which I was told was likely to have come from the loud machinery at work.

I have also been diagnosed with vibration white finger which I now understand is the problems I am suffering from with my hands – this has come from persistent use of vibrating machinery.

Can I still claim compensation for my industrial deafness, tinnitus and VWF after such a long time period?

Industrial deafness & VWF solicitor response

It is still possible that you can claim compensation for your vibration white finger and industrial deafness / industrial tinnitus. You have three years from date of injury or date of knowledge of injury to commence a claim at court before it is too late.

It is arguable to say that you only had knowledge when you were diagnosed recently with the two conditions and it is at this stage that you realised that your hazardous working conditions could have caused the injuries that you are suffering from.

It is for you to prove that your employer was at fault and to do this you would need to use a specialist industrial deafness / tinnitus / VWF solicitor.

Industrial injury claims process

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