Minicab Passenger Whiplash Claim: Taxi Head On Collision In London

UK road traffic accident solicitor explains how to claim compensation if you are a passenger in a minicab or taxi involved in a road traffic accident and you suffer injury – such as whiplash, lower back injury, chest injuries and shoulder problems

Minicab passenger whiplash victim question

I was in a minicab in London when the driver was involved in a head on collision with a vehicle coming in the opposite direction. I believe it was the driver of the minicab who was at fault as he turned down a one way street travelling in the wrong direction – this lead to the head on collision.

The police attended at the scene and an ambulance was called and I was taken to hospital. I later learned that the driver of the taxi accepted liability at the scene and this was recorded by the police.

I was taken to hospital where I was diagnosed with various injuries – including whiplash to my neck and shoulders, lower back pain and chest injuries from the seat belt.

I wish to claim compensation for my injuries and my financial losses, as I was unable to work for a week following the accident and I needed friends and family to help me in the home with everyday tasks.

Taxi Accident Solicitor Response

It was clear that the minicab driver was at fault for the accident – he was travelling in the incorrect direction on a one way street and accepted liability at the scene.

Your claim as a passenger would therefore be against the minicab driver and / or his employers and in turn the motor vehicle insurers

A specialist road traffic accident solicitor is necessary to assist you with this claim to ensure you receive the correct amount of compensation for all of the injuries you have described including whiplash to your neck and shoulders, lower back pain and chest injuries.

All financial losses as a direct result of the RTA can also be claimed – some of which you have described, including lost income and a claim for ‘assistance in the home’. In addition you are likely to have suffered other financial losses including medical expenses – such as pain killers and travel expenses to the hospital and GP for treatment.

A head on collision can cause significant injury, so it will be necessary to have an independent orthopaedic consultant examine you to set out all of your injuries and to ensure that any long term problems are considered and fully described by that medical expert.

Making A Taxi & Minicab Whiplash Claim

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