Manchester Road Traffic Accident Whiplash: Car Hit From Behind At Traffic Lights

Find out how to claim compensation for car whiplash neck injuries following a road traffic accident rear end shunt at a set of traffic lights in Manchester

Manchester road traffic accident victim question

I was waiting at a stationary at a set of traffic lights on Portland St in Manchester city centre on my way to Preston, when I was hit from behind by another car. The car must have been travelling at some speed as my car was thrown forwards violently despite having the handbrake on.

I was the car driver, with my wife as a front seat passenger and our two sons sitting in the rear of the vehicle – we all had our seat belts on, but the force of the collision threw us around quite a bit. It took a couple of hours, but all of us started to notice neck problems – I also banged my head on the steering wheel and my wife injured her arm on the passenger door.

The car driver who caused the collision didn’t ask how we were, but made off at speed. Thankfully – a pedestrian who witnessed the RTA took down the registration number and I informed the police of what happened.

Can my family and I make a claim for whiplash and other injuries – even though we do not know the identity of the driver at fault?

Manchester road traffic accident solicitor response

You and your family will be able to make a claim for your injuries and expenses including the damage to your vehicle. The manner in which the claim proceeds depends on the situation in relation to the car driver who caused the accident. There are three possibilities:

1. The police trace the driver and that driver is insured.

In this instance the claim would be made against the driver with his motor insurance company meeting his liability for the whole of your family’s whiplash claim. It might be that the police will prosecute the individual for dangerous driving or driving without due care and attention, but in any event it seems clear you have witness evidence to support how your RTA was caused.

2. The police trace the driver and that driver is not insured

The driver would certainly be prosecuted for driving without a valid policy of motor insurance. And even though he was not insured you and your family would be entitled to claim compensation from the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) under the uninsured drivers agreement.

3. The driver cannot be found

If the driver cannot be traced – you and your family will still be able to claim whiplash compensation from the MIB under the untraced drivers agreement.

For each of the options, it is very important that you involve a specialist road traffic accident solicitor. Manchester is a big city and there are many specialist RTA solicitors – but in truth you do not need your solicitor to be based in Manchester as many firms deal with claims nationally.

Specialist Manchester solicitor help with your claim

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