M62 Motorbike Roundabout Crash Claim: Compensation Fractures Head Injuries

UK motorbike accident solicitor explains how to claim compensation if you have been involved in a crash with a car on a motorway roundabout causing fractures and head injuries

Motorbike crash accident victim question

I was in the correct lane of the motorway roundabout leaving the M62 in Warrington close to the junction joining the M6 in the North West of England when a car changed lane without indicating and giving me no time to react. The car hit me and knocked me off my bike.

My motorcycle crash helmet was cracked and I was knocked unconscious.

I was taken to hospital and diagnosed with a broken right arm, neck injuries and concussion head injuries.

The police attended at the scene and I believe the driver told the police officer that I was in his blind spot so when he changed lanes he crashed into my motor bike.

Can I claim compensation for my motor bike crash and if so how much compensation could I claim for a fractured arm, neck injuries and concussion?

Motor cycle crash solicitor response

When using motorway roundabouts – cars should signal before changing lane and check that no other vehicle is in the blind spot before commencing a manoeuvre.

It is clear that the car driver did not check the blind spot and was therefore negligent for colliding with you. This has been admitted to the police and will no doubt be recorded in the police report.

I do not see a problem in proving that the car driver was responsible for your crash and consequently paying you compensation for your injuries and bike damage.

The amount of compensation you can claim can only be determined once medical report has been obtained from an orthopaedic surgeon (describing your arm and neck injuries) and a neurosurgeon (describing your head and concussion symptoms) with a prognosis estimating a time period for any future symptomology.

Once the exact nature of your injuries and the time periods for recovery are known – a solicitor can refer to previous claims decided by the courts for similar injuries to value how much compensation you can expect to recover.

In addition to compensation for your injuries – you are entitled to claim compensation for the repair to your bike, lost income, medical expenses and any other costs you might have incurred as a direct result of your motorbike crash.

Commencing a motorbike crash claim

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