Pallet Truck Collapse At Work In Stockport: Claim For Back Shoulder Injury

Find out if you can claim for a work accident caused by a defective pallet truck collapsing whilst transporting heavy items in your place of employment in Stockport, Greater Manchester.

Stockport work accident victim question

I work in Stockport in Greater Manchester for a large company. I was asked to move some heavy items on a hand controlled pump pallet truck. As I was moving some large printers the pallet truck simply collapsed and as I had hold of the handle I was jolted forward suddenly pulling my shoulder and lower back.

I reported the matter to my employer and a new pallet truck was used to move the same items and the accident was entered into the work accident book.

I have since attended with my GP and I have been told that I have pulled some ligaments passing through my rotator cuff in my right shoulder and I have strained my lumbar spine.

I would like to claim against my employer in Stockport, but I am uncertain as to what I should do as I have very little money to pay for a solicitor.

Manchester work accident solicitor response

From the description you have provided it seems clear that the pallet truck was either defective or over loaded. I presume from the fact that an alternate pallet truck was used suggests that the pallet truck was defective.

As the pallet truck is considered work equipment – strict liability applies. In other words you only need to show that the truck was defective and that the defect led to your injuries and you will succeed in a claim against your employer. You do not need to show how the pallet truck became defective nor that your employer was negligent – this is the meaning of strict liability.

To make your work accident claim you should use a specialist employer’s liability solicitor. An experienced solicitor will obtain the evidence to support your injuries and offer a funding arrangement which will not cost your money up front. Such an agreement is a “no win no fee” agreement.

Your solicitor can offer such an agreement on the basis that legal costs can be claimed in addition to your compensation for your back and shoulder injuries so your lawyer will not be out of pocket.

If you wish to consider making a claim against your employer in Stockport click pallet truck work accident solicitor to access my website’s online solicitor free help options.