Manchester Work Accident Claim: How Long To Accept Or Deny Liability

Find how long your employer or your employer’s insurance company has to admit liability if you start a claim for work accident compensation which occurred in Manchester.

Manchester work accident victim question

I am employed in a factory in Manchester and whilst I was loading large boxes on a pallet – a box slipped and fell onto my foot breaking tow toes.

I was not provided with any safety boots or given any manual handling training.

Can you tell me how long an insurance company has to admit liability or deny liability if I decided to make an accident at work claim against my employer in Manchester?

Work accident solicitor response

Neither your insurance company nor your Manchester employer has to admit or deny liability to an accident at work claim.

That is why you need a specialist work accident lawyer to enforce your rights. If your employer or the insurance company fail to accept liability or make an offer to settle your claim your solicitor will issue court proceedings to enforce your rights and have a judge order a payment for your injuries.

If you would like to consider making a claim – please click Manchester work accident claim to complete a form so a claim can be commenced on your behalf with the legal cost of the claim being charged to your employer’s insurance company.