Road Accident Whiplash Compensation: Cars Collide At Traffic Lights

UK solicitor explains how to claim compensation for whiplash and other injuries caused in a road traffic accident where a number of cars collide at a set of traffic lights

Road accident at traffic lights Doncaster question

I was waiting in a queue of cars at a red traffic light in Doncaster. I was the driver of the vehicle at the front of the queue. All of a sudden I was hit full on in the rear. I saw the driver approaching me in the rear view mirror far too fast, but there was nothing I could do.

When this car hit me, another vehicle hit him in the rear pushing him a second time into my vehicle.

An ambulance was called to the scene as was the police. Details were taken from witnesses and the drivers and I was taken to hospital by ambulance.

I have been diagnosed with severe whiplash and a cracked vertebra in my cervical spine.

As there was more than one vehicle involved in this RTA can I claim compensation for my injuries?

Road traffic accident solicitor response

It is clear from the accident you have described that you were not at fault. You were stationary at the front of a queue waiting for the traffic lights to change colour. You could not respond to the oncoming vehicle which caused the collision.

The approach you should adopt to claim compensation for your whiplash, damage to your vehicle and other financial loses (including: lost income, medical expense, travel expenses, etc.) is to involve a specialist road traffic accident solicitor who will formally liaise with the other vehicle drivers and their respective motor insurers on your behalf.

It is most likely that the full extent of your car damage and spinal whiplash and vertebra injuries will attach to the first vehicle that collided with the back of your car although there is a possibility that a small percentage might be chargeable to the second vehicle. This will be properly established by your RTA solicitor once communication is underway with the respective drivers.

You have suffered a cracked vertebra in your spine and severe whiplash .Your RTA solicitor will obtain a medical report form an orthopaedic consultant who will examine you, inspect your GP and hospital notes, and produce a medical report setting out the nature of your injuries with a prognosis detailing how long your symptoms may persist.

This report will also comment on your ability to work and if you are still off work at the time of the report it will estimate when you can be expected to have recovered sufficiently to return to work.

Online Solicitor Help Claiming For Whiplash & Cracked Vertebra

Should you wish to make a claim for your whiplash, cracked vertebra and other financial losses click road traffic accident solicitor and I will assess your claim online or call you back free of charge. To see the procedure for claiming RTA compensation click road traffic accident claim.