Running Red Light Claims: RTA Whiplash From Car Passing On Amber Light

UK road traffic accident solicitor explains when you are considered to be running a red light for the purpose of making a claim for compensation for your injuries following a collision at lights.

Traffic lights road accident victim question

I was involved in an accident when my husband drove through the lights on amber and a car turning right collided with our car causing serious injuries including severe whiplash. It is being suggested that my husband ran the lights and the accident is therefore legally his fault.

If it is considered that you should have been able to stop safely when traffic lights have turned to amber, but as you approach the lights you do not have sufficient space to stop so you continue through the lights on amber. Approximately two metres over the stop line the lights turn to red are you considered to be running a red light?

Or are you only considered to be running a red light when you have passed through the stop line on red or red/amber?

Road accident solicitor response

I have read the details you have supplied and confirm the answer to the question lies within the Highway Code.

You should stop on a red light, an amber light or red amber light. However, if a traffic light is on amber and it is not safe to stop then you can proceed through the light, which by implication means that so long as the light has not turned red you are not “running a red light”.

The individual circumstances however would need to be taken into account – for example, if you accelerated on seeing an amber light there could well be an argument to suggest that you did so with the intent to run the lights.

Given the situation you describe – it seems to me that the car attempting to turn right is primarily at fault as that driver should heed other road users and realise that it is still quite possible that a driver can pass through traffic lights on amber.

Making a claim for a RTA at traffic lights

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