Run A Red Light: Claim Compensation For A Collision At Traffic Lights In Oldham

Find out how to claim compensation if you are hit at a set of traffic lights by a car attempting to run the a red light.

Collision At Traffic Lights Car Accident Question

I was passing through a set of traffic lights on green in Oldham in the North West of England (heading towards Manchester city centre) when my car was hit by a car on thr driver’s side wing. My car was spun around by the force of the collision.

Thankfully – my wife and two children and I were all wearing seatbelts so our injuries seem to be limited to whiplash neck strains and back injuries.

The other car had run the red light and when the police attended and breathalised the other driver – he was found to be drunk.

Can you tell me if my family and I have a claim for our injuries and if I can claim compensation for the damage to my vehicle?

Road Traffic Collision Solicitor Response

It seems that the other car driver was clearly negligent – for not only driving whilst drunk, but also for passing through a red light. The police report and any CCTV evidence will no doubt confirm the fault of the other driver.

As such – the claim against the other driver will be relatively straight forward for a specialist RTA lawyer. A claim would be directed to the driver with evidence to support all losses – medical evidence for the whiplash and back injuries from an independent medical expert. Most probably an orthopaedic surgeon with a spinal speciality.

The drunken driver’s motor insurance company would be responsible for paying the compensation and so that company would be included in the claim.

Even if the driver was not insured – the Motor Insurers Bureau – under the untraced driver’s agreement would be responsible for paying compensation as though it was the insurer of the driver at fault.

Your solicitor would obtain the repair costs (or write off value of your vehicle), hire charges and other expenses you might incur.

In addition to the injuries compensation the driver at fault would be responsible for paying the majority of your legal costs in making the claim.

Road Traffic Collision Compensation Amounts

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