RTA Solicitors: Two Ways To Fund Your Road Injury Claim

Find out about legal protection cover on your motor policy and “no win no fee” agreements

Motor Legal Protection Cover

If you are involved in an accident and your hold a policy of motor insurance – it might be the case that you have the benefit of legal protection cover.

If another driver was at fault for your accident, motor legal protection insurance should cover the costs to have an insurance panel solicitor help you claim compensation for your injuries.

You should check your policy – but motor legal protection would typically fund the whole of your claim (win or lose), but might be subject to a small excess (typically £50).

No Win No Fee

A “no win no fee” agreement (technically known as a conditional fee agreement) will allow your claim to be funded without having to pay your solicitors legal fees up front. If you lose your claim – you would not pay legal fees and if you win you claim the person at fault would typically pay the majority of your legal fees (in addition to your compensation), but as there can be a deduction of up to 25% of your compensation for unrecovered legal costs.

Click no win no fee to see the detailed article explaining in more detail the funding arrangements in a road traffic accident claim.

All solicitors are not the same – it is best to have a lawyer who will fight your claim and not just settle at the lowest figure possible to get paid. You want the correct amount of compensation – so choose a specialist lawyer who is experienced in winning claims … large or small.