RTA Claims Lawyer: How Do I Check My Road Accident Solicitor’s Expertise?

RTA Victim Claims Question

I was a front seat passenger travelling in a car driven by my husband with my father in law and two young children in the back seat travelling from Manchester to London when a car pulled in front of us and suddenly slowed down.

My husband, through no fault of his own, couldn’t stop the car – he skidded, hit the car in front and went over a brick wall landing in a pool of water.

The other other driver has admitted full liability and our claim is currently being handled by a legal company.

All of us are suffering from whiplash and I have a bruised forearm and post traumatic stress.

I would just like to know how I can check the expertise of the legal company.

RTA Solicitor Response

It is very important you have the correct solicitor dealing with your claim and that of your family – to ensure you receive the correct amount of compensation.

I am uncertain from what you have told me as to whether the legal company is a solicitors firm or an accident claim company.

The best way to check on them is look for their website on the headed note paper (any letter) you have received from them.

Look at details of the fee earner dealing with your claim to ensure he is an experienced practising solicitor.

I suggest you look at the personal injury lawyer page I have written to see how to choose the best RTA solicitor and to check the expertise of the lawyer who is running your claim with the Law Society.