Wheezing And Shortness Of Breath: Work Asthma Compensation Claim?

Find out when irritants in the air at work leading to breathing difficulties can give rise to a claim for occupational asthma compensation

Worker asthma victim question

I work in a factory based in Oldham in the North West of England. Most of the day I am exposed to dust and other vapours in the air – no breathing protection is provided and I am starting to develop breathing difficulties.

Sometimes I find myself wheezing and quite often when I exert myself I start coughing and find myself short of breath.

I attended with my GP yesterday who told me that I am suffering from asthma, which was likely to have been caused by exposure at work to irritants in the air.

Can I claim compensation from my employer?

Occupational disease solicitor response

From the symptoms you have described, your work environment and the doctors diagnosis – it seems likely that you will have a claim against your employer.

An independent medical expert report will be required to show that your asthma is related to the air borne irritants in your workplace.

Asthma is in essence an allergic reaction – certain types of dust and chemical vapours are known to cause allergic reactions to the airways to your lungs. An employer should provide breathing protection to ensure that workers are not exposed to such irritants.

To read more about making a claim for wheezing and shortness of breath from industrial asthma I recommend you click Symptoms Of Work Asthma to see a page I have written explaining how to claim.