White Finger Claim: VWF Rock Drill Jack Hammer Compressor Power Tools

UK industrial disease solicitor sets out how the use of vibrating machinery such as rock drill, jackhammer, air powered tools and other compressor tools on a construction site can cause vibration white finger and lead to a compensation claim against your employer or former employer

Industrial vibration white finger victim question

I worked for many years using air power tools that were run by a compressor these tools included rock drills, jackhammers and other tools.

I worked for a construction company in the Liverpool, Manchester and the North West regions of England.

As I approached the end of my employment with the construction company I noticed a numbness in my fingers with pain in the hands.

A year ago I went to see my GP about these symptoms and I was informed that I might be suffering from vibration white finger or VWF.

My employment at the construction company stopped approximately three years ago – is it still possible to make a claim against my former employer?

Industrial disease VWF solicitor response

When you use vibrating machinery powered by a compressor such as rock drills, jack hammers or air powered tools – it is quite common that injury can occur in the form of vibration white finger / VWF or hand arm vibration syndrome / HAVS.

It is generally recognised for these symptoms to be associated with vibrating machinery your symptoms should commence whilst the tools are still being used or within a short time period after finishing work with them – typically within 1 year.

From your description – it appears that your symptoms commenced whilst you were still employed in the construction company.

You have three years from the date of injury or the date of knowledge of your injury to commence a claim in the UK courts. As your exposure occurred in England those courts must be the English courts.

Although you have suffered symptoms of VWF for over three years it is only when you attended with your GP a year ago that you were diagnosed with vibration white finger and as such it is likely that a year ago was the date of knowledge that you had suffered a significant injury and that injury was due to hazardous work conditions.

It is however extremely important that you use a specialist industrial disease solicitor to make your VWF claim and you act as quickly as possible.

Should you wish to commence a claim for injury on a construction site or to arrange a free callback from me in person click vibration white finger compensation claim.