Car Accident Fraudulent Claims: Driver Brakes Suddenly

How to avoid paying compensation if a UK driver brakes suddenly with a view to causing a collision

Generally speaking if a car rear ends another it is the car that collides with the rear of the other that is at fault and considered liable in UK law.

However, there is an insurance scam in which drivers brake suddenly without any hazard on a road with a view to causing a collision with a view to making fraudulent claims for personal injury and whiplash.

Quite often the car in front is packed with individuals who all complain of whiplash symptoms.

If you are suspicious as to why the vehicle in front had to brake – notify your motor insurer. Insurance companies keep records of claims and locations and if the same individual has had previous claims in suspicious cirumstances or road accidents of a similar nature seem to be occurring at a high frequency at one location with no good reason you might find that instead of having to pay compensation yourself the driver and passengers could be prosecuted for attempting to make a fraudulent RTA claim.