Car Side Street Hits Car Main Road: Whiplash Back Injury Claim UK

UK road accident solicitor explains how to claim compensation if you are involved in a car accident involving a collision with a vehicle leaving a side street onto a main road colliding with the side of your vehicle

Lancaster car accident victim question

I was driving along a street in Lancaster on my way to Morecambe when a car came out of a side street at speed directly hitting the passenger side of my vehicle.

A witness saw the accident and the police and ambulance were called. I was taken to hospital and diagnosed with whiplash neck injuries and lumbar spine injuries (lower back injuries).

My vehicle has now been written off.

Am I able to claim compensation for my injuries and loss off vehicle?

Road traffic accident solicitor response

As you were on the main road – you have the right of way and a vehicle should head the give way road markings and not pull out until there is a safe distance either in front or behind your car and other cars using the main road. It is clear that the driver was negligent in colliding with your car and as such is responsible for paying compensation for your whiplash neck injuries, lower back injuries and vehicle damage including any other financial losses you may have incurred.

The police attended at the scene and you have an independent witness, so it would seem relatively straight forward for a solicitor to show liability of the third party car driver.

To ascertain the amount of compensation you could receive for your injuries – a medical report would be necessary from an orthopaedic consultant setting out the exact nature of your whiplash and lower back injuries together with a prognosis of how long your symptoms could last into the future.

To obtain this medical evidence and to obtain compensation for your vehicle damage you should instruct a specialist car accident solicitor.

Online specialist RTA solicitor legal help

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