Claim Compensation: Parked Car Windscreen Damage Waste Disposal Council Worker

UK solicitor explains how to claim compensation if your vehicle is damaged or you suffer injury by a council employee such as a waste disposal worker

Car damaged victim question:

My car was parked in Sterling Scotland and a waste disposal vehicle operated by council employees was collecting rubbish on the street. One of the employees did not attach the wheelie bin correctly and it fell off the back of the vehicle hitting my car smashing the windscreen and damaging the bonnet.

The council worker just walked away and it is only when my father knocked at various different neighbours addresses she found witnesses to the incident who gave a description of the employee and the disposal vehicle involved in the accident. He thereafter contacted the council and the employee has been identified.

Can I claim compensation for the damage to my windscreen and vehicle from the council for the negligence of an employee?

Accident claim solicitor response:

The council as an employer is vicariously liable for the negligence of its employees. Therefore, so long as it can be proved that it was the council worker who dropped the wheelie bin onto your vehicle a claim against the council in Sterling should be successful.

You have indicated that your father located two independent witnesses and with this evidence in support of your claim and your version of the events it is very likely that the council will accept liability.

Even if the council do not accept liability your claim is still likely to succeed by making a claim in the small claims court in Sterling and having the courts ensure that the correct compensation is paid.

I suggest you obtain two independent quotes for the repair that is necessary.

If you have comprehensive motor insurance you should claim on your motor insurance and have your motor insurance recover the monies back from the council.

If you have legal protection cover on your motor insurance policy you can have an insurance panel solicitor proceed with a claim against Sterling council on your behalf. If you have suffered personal injury as a result of an accident – it is possible to approach an independent solicitor to make your claim using a no win no fee agreement or using the legal protection policy to fund that lawyer.

If you have suffered personal injury in a road traffic accident or any other form of accident and you wish to discuss your claim with me in person free of charge click personal injury solicitor.