Compensation Claim: Hearing Loss From Colliery Machinery Loud Noise

UK solicitor explains how to make a claim for noise induced hearing loss from loud machinery in a colliery

Industrial hearing loss victim question

I worked in Eppleton colliery in Durham for twenty years and was exposed to continuous noise from extremely loud machinery.

I was not provided with any hearing protection and was not warned of any dangerous that exposure to excessive noise could cause.

It is approximately twenty years since I finished employment at Eppleton colliery and I have recently attended with my GP and had my hearing tested and have been diagnosed with noise induced hearing loss. Is it too late to claim compensation from the colliery even though I understand that my former employer is no longer in business?

Noise induced hearing loss solicitor response

There is three years from a date of injury or date of knowledge of injury to make a claim for compensation.

From the description you have provided it seems that your knowledge of injury occurred when you had a hearing test and was diagnosed with noise induced hearing loss.

Even though your former employee is no longer in business you are still entitled to make a claim for compensation for your noise induced hearing loss.

A ear noise and throat independent medical expert would have to access your hearing test audiogram, your GP and hospital notes and to give further examine you with a further hearing test to verify you are suffering from industrial deafness.

A industrial deafness solicitor would instruct the medical expert and if the evidence supports your claim it is likely you will succeed in a claim for compensation.

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