Passenger Accident Compensation Claim: Car Reversing Causing Whiplash Fracture Vertebrae

UK solicitor explains how to claim compensation in a road traffic accident when a vehicle reverses at speed from a driveway causing whiplash, cracked vertebrae and hairline fracture of tibia

Passenger accident compensation claim question

I was a passenger in a car driven by my boyfriend travelling at approximately 30mph on a single lane road in Reddish in Stockpot heading towards Manchester City Centre

As our car approached a driveway a 4 x 4 vehicle reversed at speed colliding with the near side of my boyfriend’s car close to where I was sitting. This collision occurred at such force that the car was put in to a spin and my boyfriend and I immediately suffered injuries.

Another car driver called the police and an ambulance and we were taken to hospital. My boyfriend was diagnosed with severe whiplash injuries to his neck including a cracked vertebra in his cervical spine. I was diagnosed with a crush injury to my left foot and ankle with a hairline fracture my lower leg – the tibia.

The driver of the 4 x 4 vehicle is refusing to respond to my boyfriend’s insurance company for the damage to his vehicle.

Can we claim compensation for our injuries and for the damage to my boyfriend’s vehicle?

Road traffic accident solicitor response

You have indicated that the police attended at the scene as did an ambulance and there was an independent witness to the accident. All of this information will be contained within a police report, which will verify how your accident happened, which can be used to prove the liability of the 4 x 4 driver.

You will need the assistance of a road traffic accident solicitor to help you claim compensation for your fracture injuries and for the whiplash that your boyfriend has suffered together with all costs that have been incurred including the damage to your boyfriend’s vehicle.

The fact that the 4 x 4 driver is not responding will be dealt with by the RTA solicitor so you do not need to be concerned.

If the driver of the other vehicle is not insured your claims can still be made via the motor insurance bureau / MIB.

Motor Insurers Bureau Claims

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Online passenger accident claim assessment

Should you wish to make a claim for compensation I recommend you click road traffic accident solicitor to have you claim assessed online or to speak to me in person free of charge.