Payout For Whiplash Injury Claim: RTA Neck Pain Settlement Amounts

Find out how your solicitor calculates average payouts for whiplash injury claims following a road traffic accident in the UK.

RTA Whiplash Injury Claim Question

I was driving my Renault Clio down a main road in Cheetham Hill in Manchester on the way to Prestwich and then onto Swinton.

whiplash settlement amounts

Whiplash Settlement Amounts

As I was passing a small road to my left a Vauxhall Corsa car darted out and seemed to be attempting to cross my lane of traffic.

The driver collided with the passenger wing of my car – throwing me into a spin and eventually coming to a stop.

I was very dazed at the time of the accident and the police attended as did an ambulance. I understand the Corsa driver was a lady and she explained that her high heel had become caught and she couldn’t get her foot of the accelerator, hence the accident.

At hospital I was diagnosed with whiplash to my neck and shoulder, headaches and tingling in my hands. I was x-rayed at hospital and told that I had no fractures in my spinal vertebrae.

How much is my payout for whiplash injury to my neck and shoulders likely to be?

Whiplash Injury Solicitor Response

It is clear from the accident circumstances you describe that the Corsa driver was at fault – she has effectively admitted this to the police and all of this will be recorded in a police report.

The symptoms you describe are indicative of a high speed whiplash injury. Your car was not only travelling at speed, but your vehicle was hit side on, resulting in your head been thrown around in many directions with force. Typically you will feel pain in your neck and your shoulders with headaches and paresthesia (the tingling, prickly feeling in your fingers).

To calculate the payout for whiplash you solicitor should obtain a specialist medical report from an independent medical expert instructed with an overriding duty of accuracy to the court. This expert will examine you and your medical notes (hospital and GP) and give an opinion as to your whiplash injuries and future likely pain – this opinion is based on the balance of probabilities (in other words it is more likely than not or more than 50% likely).

The amount a payout for whiplash injury depends on the severity of the whiplash injury.

Whiplash Injury Claim Settlement Amounts

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Online whiplash injury claim assessment

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