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Pedal Cyclist Road Accident: Claim Compensation For Your Injuries

The Steps A Pedal Cyclist Should Take To Instruct A Solicitor To Claim Compensation For Injuries Caused By A Vehicle Driver On The UK Roads

I am a cyclist and I know how dangerous the roads are in the UK. Cycle lanes will often disappear, vehicle drivers simply do not check for the presence of cyclists and often fail to check blind spots in normal traffic.

No matter how careful a cyclist you are accidents will happen and when it does you take the following steps:

1. Take all the details of the driver of the vehicle you feel caused the accident, the registration number, motor insurance details and details of any witnesses who may have seen the collision, call the police to the scene if you are injured in the accident.

Trust me when I say – drivers will often admit fault at an accident scene and later deny responsibility. If you do not have independent witness evidence proving what happened will be extremely difficult.

2. Attend at hospital or your GP immediately and make sure you describe your injuries in full so you can receive the necessary treatment. In pursuit of a claim your medical notes will be obtained and scrutinised by a medical expert to verify the injuries you suffered.

3. Contact a road traffic accident solicitor to discuss your claim. Many solicitors will be prepared to make your claim without charging you any money up front using a no win no fee agreement. In such an agreement your lawyer will be able to charge the driver’s insurer the majority of the legal fees if your claim is successful – this is in addition to your compensation.

4. Act quickly – proving a cycle accident claim can be difficult, but the sooner a lawyer is contacted the fresher the evidence and the more likely you are to win your claim.