Pedestrian Hit By Stolen Car: Compensation Claim For Serious Injury

Find out how to claim compensation for your injuries if you are a pedestrian hit by a stolen car.

Pedestrian road accident victim question

Whilst crossing the road at pedestrian lights I was hit by a stolen car being pursued by a police car. I suffered serious injuries, but the driver was never caught. Can I still get compensation and where would the compensation money come from? And could the police be held responsible in some way?

Road traffic accident solicitor response

You would most definitely be entitled to claim compensation for your injuries. Your claim would be made against the Motor Insurer Bureau – MIB.

The MIB is a body set up by Parliament to ensure that road accident victims can recover compensation for injuries caused by uninsured drivers or by untraced drivers.

Untraced drivers would include a driver as you describe – which is in essence a hit and run.

The MIB is funded privately by the motor insurance industry. All motor insurance policies have a small sum of the policy premium paid over to the Motor Insurance Bureau to provide it with sufficient funds to meet accident claims such as the one you describe.

Whether the police can be sued is a separate matter and so long as the pursuit of the vehicle, which hit you was lawful it is likely that the MIB are the correct body to claim your compensation from not the police.

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