Personal Injury Settlement Payout: Compensation Claim Calculator Amount

UK personal injury solicitor sets out how to calculate the amount of compensation you can claim for all manner of personal injury settlements including pain for the injury itself and financial losses as a direct consequence.

If you have been involved in an accident in the UK and as a matter of law someone can be found to be legally liable for your injuries – you will be entitled to claim compensation from the person at fault and so in turn that person’s liability insurers.

personal injury settlement payout

Personal Injury Settlement Payout

Whether you be involved in a road traffic accident, a work accident, a slip or trip – the basis of calculating the amount of compensation your personal injury settlement should be is fundamentally the same.

1. Claim for pain and suffering from the personal injury itself

Your solicitor will obtain an independent medical report from an expert in the type of injury you have suffered – for example fracture injuries will be described by an orthopaedic surgeon; hearing loss by an ENT; PTSD by a clinical psychologist, etc.

Once the exact nature of your injury is determined – an estimate of your personal injury settlement payout can be calculated from comparisons with guidance from the courts as to compensation amounts for such injuries and comparison of claims previously decided by the courts for similar injuries.

To see a page I have written setting out a list of different types of injuries and the amount of personal injury settlements for each, click personal injury settlement compensation amounts.

2. Personal injury settlement for financial losses and expenses

In addition to compensation for your pain and suffering you are entitled to claim compensation for financial losses you have incurred as a direct result of your accident.

For example, an absence from work due to whiplash in a car accident could lead to lost income. So long as this absence can be medically justified then lost earnings should be recoverable as part of your claim. Payslips prior to your accident and evidence from your employer as to your absence would be necessary to support this element of your personal injury settlement.

Alternatively, a broken bone in your leg following an accident at work might require extensive private physiotherapy and the many pain killers. These medical expenses should also be recoverable as part of your personal injury settlement – receipts will be necessary to support this head of loss.

In addition to pains and suffering and financial loss you are entitled to claim interest on certain losses and in some instance the legal costs of using a lawyer to help you make your claim.

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