Thumb Injury Claim: How Much Average Payout Fractures Ligament Nerve Damage

UK lawyer sets out how to claim compensation for a thumb injury fractures and ligament damage in a motorway RTA involving a motorcycle.

Motorcycle motorway accident victim question

I was in a motorcycle accident a year ago travelling along the M6 motorway travelling towards Carlisle in Cumbria with a view to visiting friends in Glasgow, Scotland.

motorcycle accident compensation

Motorcycle Accident Compensation

I was knocked of my motor bike by a car driver and suffered injury to might right thumb. My ulnar collateral ligament was injured requiring surgical repair and I suffered a hairline fracture to the proximal phalange bone in my thumb.

The car driver’s insurers have accepted full responsibility and I have been dealing with the claim myself without using a solicitor.

What is the rough average compensation payout I should look to settle for?

Motorcycle accident solicitor response

Clearly you have resolved the issue of liability, but equally as important as liability is collating the correct evidence to accurately calculate the amount of compensation your thumb injury claim is worth.

It is therefore important that you instruct a solicitor to help you with your claim. Bear in mind that your legal costs can be claimed from the driver at fault in addition to your compensation.

Your solicitor will obtain a medical report from an independent orthopaedic consultant setting out the exact nature of the proximal phalange (bone running from the base of the thumb to the knuckle) thumb fracture and ligament injuries. This report will contain the expert’s opinion as to what the future holds for any ongoing pain symptoms and the effect on the function of your hand – this is known as a prognosis.

Once this report is obtained your solicitor can provide an estimate of the average compensation payout for your particular thumb injury together with a calculation of any financial losses you have incurred.

If you injury is classed as severe – it is likely your solicitor will take a barrister’s opinion as to the amount of compensation your compensation settlement is worth.

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