Turning Right At Filter Traffic Lights: Car Accident Whiplash Injury How Much?

Find out how you can calculate the amount of compensation you can claim for whiplash neck injuries in a car accident at a set of filter traffic lights.

Car accident whiplash injury question

I was turning right in Manchester city centre at a set of filtered traffic lights in my car when another car came through on red and hit the passenger side of my vehicle. My car is now a write off, which I have had to pay out for.

I also suffered significant injuries, including: whiplash neck injuries, a broken right elbow, shoulder strains and concussion to my head.

The accident happened 6 months ago and I am still suffering symptoms.

The police and ambulance attended at the scene and I was taken to hospital.

I understand that the police are prosecuting the other driver for the accident.

Can you tell me how much compensation I can claim?

Car accident solicitor response

From the facts you have described and the fact that the police are prosecuting suggests that the other driver is clearly liable and you should succeed in your claim for compensation.

The amount of compensation you can claim is at this stage difficult to determine as a medical report is necessary from an orthopaedic surgeon setting out the exact nature of the injuries you sustained, the current symptoms you are suffering and very importantly a prognosis at to what the future holds for your recovery.

As you have multiple injuries – you do not simply add the compensation amounts for each injury together – instead case law is necessary to for similar multiple injuries or alternatively look at the worst injury as the basis of valuation with other lesser injuries adding to how much that injury is worth within its projected range.

I should also add that you are entitled to claim compensation for your financial losses including the value of your vehicle as it was written off.

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