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Accident At Work Claims Guide: Compensation For Personal Injury

Discover all the steps you should take to claim compensation following an accident at work. This guide provides links to all our articles setting out each specific step in the work injury claims process. We begin by explaining what  you should do immediately following a work accident and end by setting out how best to fund a workplace accident solicitor to make your claim.

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Work injury claims process sections

Articles are set out under section headings. Each section describing where you are in the work injury claims process.

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Just suffered a work injury

If you have just had an injury – we recommend you follow each heading in order to be taken through everything you need to know to make an accident at work claim.

Our step by step guide starts with what you must do immediately following your accident. Later articles explain how to prove your employer is at fault, how your solicitor calculates the amount your claim is worth and no win no fee agreements allowing the majority of your legal fees to be included in your claim against your employer.

Already involved in a work injury claim

If you are already involved in a work injury compensation claim – we suggest you read through each heading below and select the link to the article that is of most interest. You will be taken to our detailed article that will answer all your questions and conclude with you what you should do next.

Your Accident At Work Has Just Occurred

Immediate Steps To Support Your Workplace Accident Compensation Claim

What you should do immediately following a workplace accident to ensure an accident book entry is properly made, you have as much evidence as possible to support your compensation claim and you receive the correct medical treatment for your injuries.

Records Your Employer Should Keep Of Your Accident In The Workplace

Find out the records your employer must keep following an accident in the workplace and which records you can access to show how your accident happened.

Showing Your Employer Is Responsible In The Eyes Of The Law

Discover a simple guide to the laws in the United Kingdom used to determine your employer’s legal responsibility for your accident at work claim for compensation.

Injury At Work Due To Employee Carelessness

How to make a claim for an injury at work despite your accident happening following your own carelessness.

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Manual Handling Work Accident

Starting Your Claim For Compensation

Low Value Work Injury Pre-Action Protocol

The process your solicitor should follow before taking your claim to court (for low value work injury compensation claims).

Starting A Work Injury Claim Before It Is Too Late

Find out what a what a work injury claim for compensation is, how to start a claim against your employer and why the law only allows you three years to start your claim before it is too late.

Employer Liability Insurance For Worker Compensation

Discover a helpful guide to the insurance employers must have in place to meet any compensation insurance claims for injury at work.

How Much Compensation You Can Claim

Types Of Accident At Work Compensation

We set out the main types of losses and expenses you can claim as part of your workplace injury compensation.

Work Compensation Payout Amounts

The amounts of compensation you can claim for typical workplace injuries.

Types Of Work Accident Claim

Building Site Accident

Find out when you can claim compensation for injuries on building sites – includes employees, contractors, self employer, visitors, trespassers with links to our articles setting out how much compensation work injury claims are worth.

Construction Accident Claims

We set out how to claim compensation if you have been injured on a construction site as a worker or as a member of the public visiting the site. We describe the health and safety laws which protect construction site workers and set out how to show an employer is at fault.

Dangerous Machine Injury

Discover the duties the law imposes on your employer to ensure your safety when using work machinery plus how to make a claim should you suffer injury from breach of duty.

Defective Work Equipment Compensation

See a description of what is classed as work equipment, how an employee need only show that equipment was defective and caused injury to succeed in recovering compensation from an employer for injury claims at work.

We set out how to claim compensation for injury due to defective work equipment together with the amount of compensation you can claim.

Forklift Injury Claims

Discover the types of  work lifting trucks, the injury fork lift trucks can cause at work, the types of claim you can make following injury from a forklift truck and how much compensation you can claim.

Ladder Fall Accident

The law which protects you when working on a ladder. The safety duties your employer should observe.

Manual Handling Claim

Discover the laws that protect employees from injury when lifting, pulling, pushing and carrying objects at work.

How your solicitor proves employer fault. The duty on employees to take care. The special rules for nurses and other healthcare workers. How to calculate compensation amounts for typical manual handling injuries.

Miners Injury Compensation

A description of common types of injuries to miners from exposure to airborne particles, loud noise and vibrating tools with an explanation as to how to claim compensation.

Work Platform Accident

The law imposes special duties on your employer both to ensure worker safety when working on a platform above ground and to prevent falling objects that could cause injury.

Choosing Your Specialist Work Accident Solicitor

How to know you are contacting a specialist accident at work lawyer. Law Society checks to know whether your solicitor has sufficient experience to make your compensation claim.

Funding Your Solicitor

No Win No Fee / Conditional Fee Agreement

How to fund your claim using a no win no fee (or other funding arrangements) without having to pay large amounts of legal fees yourself.

The legal cost of claiming compensation for a injury at work. How to ensure your employer meets your legal costs.

Overview Of The Work Accident Claims Process

Work Accident Claim Overview

A brief overview of the accident at work claims process and access to our work injury Q&A and FAQ.

Workplace Injury Compensation Summary And Next Step

In this article we have guided you through the complete process of making an accident at work compensation claim.

See our workplace accident compensation claim article to discover what you should do before making an accident at work claim in the UK.

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