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English Solicitors: Local specialist solicitors ready to help you claim personal injury compensation

In this article we set out registers of English solicitors listed by the counties of England, with links to our articles describing how to find a local specialist solicitor – including Law Society searches. together with the official bodies that register and accredit solicitors.

We explain how to search for a solicitor if you have had an accident in another country of the United Kingdom – with access to our specialist solicitor free help (telephone and online) in relation to personal injury compensation claims.

Which English solicitor has sufficient expertise to help you claim compensation?

Each area of law will have various types of accreditations by official bodies such as the Law Society of England And Wales and the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

For example – see our personal injury lawyer article explaining how to choose the best English solicitor to help you with your specific personal injury compensation claim.

Select the county below and click on the link to be taken to the article we have written setting out how to find a local solicitor for all manner of legal problem, including specialists in personal injury claims.

Berkshire, Buckinghamshire And Oxfordshire Solicitor

Birmingham Solicitor

Blackpool And Fylde Solicitor

Bournemouth Solicitor

Bristol Solicitor

Cambridgeshire Solicitor

Cornwall Solicitor

Derby And District Solicitor

Devon And Somerset Solicitor

Dorset Solicitor

Hertfordshire Solicitor

Kent Solicitor

Leicestershire Solicitors

Liverpool Solicitor

London City Solicitors

London West Solicitor

Manchester Solicitors

Middlesex Solicitor

Norfolk And Norwich Solicitors

Northamptonshire Solicitors

Nottinghamshire Solicitor

Plymouth Solicitors

Sheffield Solicitors

Surrey Solicitors

Sussex Solicitor

Warwickshire Solicitors

Westminster City And Holborn Solicitor

english personal injury solicitors
English Personal Injury Solicitors

Solicitors In Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

If you have a legal issue in one of the other countries that make up the UK or have suffered an injury as a result of accident in either Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland – our articles below explaining how to find a good solicitor should be of assistance.

Click solicitor Wales for help finding a specialist solicitor who practises locally in Wales.

Click solicitor Scotland to see how to find a lawyer who specializes in Scottish law.

Click solicitor Northern Ireland to find a UK lawyer who practises personal injury in Northern Ireland.

Remember – if you have suffered an accident in Wales you can use a solicitor in England as the law in the two countries is in essence the same.

Summary Of Local English Solicitors

In this article you have seen how to find a local English solicitor to help you with your legal issue. We explained in more detail how to find a specialist personal injury solicitor to help you claim compensation following a UK accident and how to check that lawyer has the requisite expertise to make your personal injury claim.

Specialist Personal Injury Solicitors Free Help Service

We offer online and telephone free help and assistance with personal injury claims – you can ask a question, speak direct to a solicitor or have your claim assessed.