Average Compensation Payouts: Whiplash Neck Injury Car Accident Claim

UK road traffic accident solicitor explains how much average compensation payouts you can claim for whiplash, cracked ribs and seat belt burns following a car accident in Croydon, London

Whiplash Neck Injury Car Accident Victim Question

I was a front seat passenger in a car driven by my friend – a Ford Galaxy people carrier. We were passing through Croydon in London on our way to Heathrow airport to pick up my friend’s sister after a holiday in Spain.

whiplash neck injury average compensation payouts

Whiplash Average Compensation Payouts

As we were approaching a set of lights my friend received a call on his mobile from his sister to say her easyjet flight had arrived a little early at Heathrow airport – he was distracted and did not notice that the cars in front of us had stopped and he continued at 30 mph into the back end of the car in front.

When I realised what was happening I shouted out, but it was too late.

My friend was at fault for the car accident in Croydon and his motor insurers have accepted responsibility for the vehicle damage and injuries of the driver whose vehicle we rear ended. I believe the driver, who was in a Nissan Micra, suffered severe whiplash and lower back pains.

I was also injured in the accident. I was taken to hospital and diagnosed with whiplash injuries to my neck, cracked ribs and seatbelt burns from the force exerted by my seatbelt.

I would like to know how much average compensation payouts are for whiplash neck injuries, cracked ribs and seatbelt burns?

Road Traffic Accident Solicitor Response

It sounds as though the accident was at high speed and the fact that you were in a large vehicle such as a Ford Galaxy limited the injuries you suffered.

Average payouts for whiplash, cracked ribs and seatbelt burns depend entirely on the severity of these injuries as set out in a medical report from an independent medical expert instructed by a solicitor on your behalf.

Average compensation payouts for whiplash

Minor whiplash with recovery in a few months can lead to compensation amounts of: up to £1,500

Whiplash neck injuries with symptoms lasting up to a year – average compensation payouts of: up to £3,000

Whiplash with recovery up to two years will lead to a claim with average payouts of: up to £5,500

Average payouts for cracked ribs

When cracked ribs have a fracture diagnosed the amount of compensation money you can claim is typically: up to £2,800

Average claim payouts for seatbelt burns

How much compensation you can claim for seatbelt burns is difficult to put a calculator on – if the burns leave no scarring then a compensation calculator will show a small award, but if the burns lead to scarring then average compensation payouts will typically: exceed £1,000.

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Specialist road accident solicitor assistance

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