Nitroglycerin Headaches Compensation Claim: Miners Work Injury NG Head

How to claim compensation for the effects of exposure to nitroglycerin at work

Nitroglycerin is an ingredient used in explosives in many industries and work places including: miners, demolition industry, construction industry.

If you are in contact with nitroglycerin at work some side effects you might experience include: extreme headaches, loss of sexual desire and pain when passing water.

The severe headaches are known as “NG Head” of Nitroglycerin Head. These severe headaches can persist even when you have left your employment and can lead you to develop intense migraine conditions.

A degree of addiction to the chemical effects of nitroglycerin can develop over time and withdrawal from nitroglycerin can lead to headaches and heart problems – in very rare cases even death.

If you have worked with nitroglycerin and suffer NG head symptoms you should contact a specialist industrial disease solicitor as it is likely you will be able to claim compensation.